EzePrep Gynae Kit

EZIPREP advanced liquid based cytology kit, enhances the diagnostic accuracy and gives a better quality slides, with clear background maximising the cellular yield and presents the cells in a single focus area.

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Neo CytoCentrifuge

It is an advanced cyto centrifuge with filterless technology. It clearly forms monolayer of cells on the microscopic slide, and it gives better cellular yield and excellent cellular morphology than any other cyto centrifuges

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NanoCyt Auto Processor

The Nanocyt Auto Processor is the world’s first filter less Technology system and has truly revolutionized laboratory screening worldwide. As the first of its kind, the Nanocyt brings higher standards of quality.

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Crossover Links is a trusted name in Medical Distribution and other array of services. Their machines are widely used by Pathologists and Gynaecologists in Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers and Medical Colleges. It caters to Liquid Based Cytology method of testing Pap Smear which is currently in vogue in developed countries as conventional methods has been phased out.

PAP smear having problems such as Pap Smear /FNAC are admixed with mucus/blood., Multi layering of cells obscures diagnostic field. , Cellular morphology very often changes during collection and transport to the laboratory and many other. To overcome these issues liquid based cytology technique is a necessary welcome. It is being adopted in many countries for Gynae /Non Gynae samples, LBC is strongly advocated in the best interest of public health, by improving the quality of the samples and reducing the likelihood of the false negative cytology results.Thus liquid based cytology improve the early detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

Liquid-based cytology is a method of preparing samples for examination in cytopathology. The sample is collected, normally by a small brush, in the same way as for a conventional smear test, but rather than the smear being transferred directly to a microscope slide, the sample is deposited into a small bottle of preservative liquid. At the laboratory the liquid is treated to remove other elements such as mucus before a layer of cells is placed on a slide. The technique allows more accurate results.